Savings on Smiles

Savings on Smiles

No dental insurance? No problem!

This is a new program we, at Gentle Dental Care, are offering our patients.  This is NOT insurance.  It is a PREPAID DENTAL SAVINGS PLAN.

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  1. You pay an Annual Fee*
    • $279  First family member
    • $269  Second family member
    • $259 ea. Third, Fourth and Fifth member
    • No Annual Fee for 6+ members
    * $39 Initial Activation Fee – waived for currently active patients
  2. You will receive  two cleanings, two periodic doctor exams in conjunction with your preventive care and cavity detecting x-rays in a 12 month period.
  3. In addition you will receive a 20% SAVINGS on all dental repair services, such as fillings and crowns. (Must be paid in full day of service. Exclusions: Botox, Juvederm and Whitening Products.)
  4. The savings essentially pays for itself after your two annual check ups, even if you don’t require repair services!
Insurance Vs. Savings on Smiles
1. Expensive monthly premiums   1. One low yearly fee.
2. Variable levels of coverage - Most Insurance $500-$1500 yearly maximum   2. Savings on preventative and restorative treatment—no yearly maximum for savings
3. Limited or "Alternative Treatment" Clause   3. No Insurance company to deny or change treatment
4. Limited choice of dental providers   4. Care from the area's most professional staff in a comfortable, friendly office
5. Inconvenient application process and waiting period   5. Quick and easy process with no waiting period - use benefits immediately!


Exclusions & Limitations

This program is a discount savings plan and NOT a dental insurance plan. It cannot be used:

  • Along with another dental plan
  • For referrals to specialists (for instance, if you require a trip to an oral surgeon)
  • In conjunction with other Promotions
  • Botox, Juvederm and Whitening

To get started request an appointment today!

Also Available:

CareCredit offers special financing with no upfront costs and low monthly payments.*

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